10 septiembre 2007


Mirad qué cita del gran Chistopher Dawson, sobre la Reforma protestante:

"It was the classic example of emptying out the baby with the bath. The reformers revolted against the externalism of medieval religion, and so they abolished the Mass. They protested against the lack of personal holiness, and so they abolished the saints. They attacked the wealth and self-indulgence of the monks and they abolished monasticism and the life of voluntary poverty and asceticism. They had no intention of abandoning de ideal of Christian perfection, but they sought to realise it in Puritanism instead of Monasticism and in pietism instead of mysticism."

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E. G-Máiquez dijo...

La influencia de Chesterton se deja sentir hasta en el estilo. Aunque luego la influencia sería recíproca, como debe ser.